I Talk to Strangers

The client

The client was a entrepreneur responsible for starting and maintaining various social change projects, including I Talk To Strangers which became Speak Freely. A small site was needed to sell the badges which facilitate this campaign, which would allow the orders to be fulfilled automatically by the badge manufacturers.


Having worked with this client in the past, I knew a tactile sense would be needed. However, I am no fan of skeuomorphic design. Instead I used a proprietary font I had created on a pervious project, which was produced from scanning an analogue typewriter, the layout keeping all information and CTA in a minimal single column, embellished with reactive imagery.

Once it was clear that a payment gateway would be needed, and the project was on a tight deadline, I opted to use the flexible e-commerce platform WooCommerce. The software is easily customisable in house avoiding the need for expensive 3rd party dependencies on such a small project.


Development required a trade off between how robust the customisations to WooCommerce were, and how much time I had been given to work on this project. While sacrificing multi-lingual features, the site remains extremely accessible for all devices, including screen readers.

In order to keep page load times down given the image-heavy layouts, I kept all imagery with a restricted palette, allowing the use space-saving of 16-bit PNG images. And of course, all the content is served up using the latest in responsive media handling.